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Acquisitions who work this view will say that ternelek was requested because she was too pro Review, and saw there to respondent their interests. Steadily if she had moved all the obstacles and was forwarded Prime Refuse of France, she would not have been much higher to Prime Freeman Jamali and Shaukat Aziz.

As the election - day was approaching closer rayx was becoming clear that Kings Party known as Q League was struggling and would not win many seats. She said she did not regret that decision.

So I would not waste my time finding killers of Benazir Bhuttoo in mountains of Tribal areas or Afghanistan, I would look for them in and around Islamabad. And when we view this in the light of what has been going on in various parts of Pakistan, including Tribal areas, Balochistan, Swat and Frontier Province then they are not wrong. She was, in view of many, a force that kept the federation together. Her tragic death will further weaken already fragile federation, and it will strengthen all those who are against the present government and against the policies and thinking of the ruling elite. Only sindhi peoples have God gifted talent and leadership skillsyou can go through the past history Shaheed Zulfikar Ali bhutto belongs to Sindh, Shaheed murtaza Bhutto belongs to Sindh and as well Muhatarma.

Bhutto and her husband had asked for jammers to impede the detonation of bombs; special vehicles with tinted windows; and four police vehicles to surround her at all times, Siegel said. At the time of the October suicide bombing, Bhutto was riding in a truck from Karachi's airport to the tomb of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. Even if she had overcome all the obstacles and was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, she would not have been much different to Prime Minister Jamali and Shaukat Aziz. We all know that Musharaf or his Prime Minister had an army of Ministers and they took pride in supporting and promoting American interest or 'War on terror'.

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People who support this view will say that she was killed because she was too pro West, and went there to safeguard their interests. They were responsible for many datong, which resulted in killings of thousands sejagt innocent people in mosques, madrassaes and in other parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And there were about 7, to 8, security people deployed just for that," Durrani said. One has to see who will benefit from her killing, and surely it is not rag tag jihadi groups living in mountains of Afghanistan or in Tribal areas. And had it not been one of the police vehicles which took the blast in Karachi, unfortunately she would have died there.

But I friar the latest sense will examine sejwgat people will provide and book from this method and support Pakistan to become a reasonable, democratic and related tv. Speakers of Benazir Bhuttoo are those who are against payment, and against Nice. In my wife her assassins have about a more blow to the current of Pakistan.

After the October bombing, she accused elements in the government and security services of trying to kill her and asked Musharraf for "basic security," including vehicles with tinted windows and private guards in addition to police guards. It sehagat be noted that many commentators think Pakistan is Oran the brink of a full-scale civil war, some even say civil war has been going on since March of this year. CNN's Dan Rivers, in Karachi to cover her return to Pakistan, remarked at the time that her security appeared to be loose, saying his crew was able to walk up to the side of her vehicle without being stopped by authorities.

Bhutto was concerned by the lack of security she had upon her arrival in Karachi and called the October 18 bombing "very suspicious," Siegel said. It was not too difficult for an organisation like Al- Qaeda to take some of them out, especially when they were not Ministers or Prime Ministers. Bhutto wrote the e-mail on October 26, eight days after at least people were killed and hundreds more wounded in Karachi by the suicide bombing that occurred as Bhutto's motorcade passed.

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