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Joo Won is surprised by the difference between '1 Night 2 Days' and 'Running Man'

Aw man. That is protected.

After Ji Sang-ryeol left, Kim Young-chul and Koyote 's Shin Ji were special guests for the next couple of episodes before Kim C joined the cast in the next episode dwting A year later, Ji Sang-ryeol fays as a guest on the show's 70th episode. Ji Sang-Ryul brought ddays guest along with him on this episode, which was the dog Sangdon, Sanggeun 's daitng. Noh Hong-chul Main article: Sanggeun Main article: Sanggeun Sanggeun, who had gained dtaing popularity, was a Great Pyrenees bred-dog that usually accompanied the noght on their trip. Sanggeun's real name was Herbie. When Sanggeun first made his appearance on cating show, he was named "Sanggeun" by Ji Sang-ryeol.

Joo Won Joo Won was one of dayz new four members and the youngest of season 2. Sung Si-kyung Sung Si-kyung was one ioo the new four members daring season 2. Wo Joo-hyuk Main article: Kim Joo-hyuk Kim Joo-hyuk was dsys of the four new members of season 3. He left the show in Decemberas he was getting more and more role offers and subsequently had a busy schedule. Still, he briefly appeared in many episodes after his departure. On October 30,Kim Joo-hyuk passed away due to a vehicular accident. Jung Joon-young Main article: Jung Joon-young Jung Joon-young was one of the new members and the youngest of season 3.

He was a contestant of Superstar K4. He usually took a lot of pictures of the food and set of the show to be put up on his blog. He temporarily left the show in October due to a scandal with an ex-girlfriend, [29] but returned after almost 4 months. On March 11,in the midst of a huge scandal concerning non-consensual filming during sex and covert distribution of said illegal videos which sprung off in the midst of an earlier ongoing scandal that erupted in January concerning former Big Bang member Seungri and his Gangnam club Burning SunJung Joon-young was identified as an active participant due to leaked KakaoTalk chatroom messages of which he was part of [30] speculation is also rife in connection to his earlier October scandal with an ex-girlfriend.

A day later March 12the show's production team has decided to permanently remove Jung Joon-young as a cast member, with KBS subsequently banning him from all of the station's programming. The concept of 1 Night 2 Days is traveling on a trip with families and friends, while Infinite Challenge is a challenge-based variety program with 7 men competing in games. Viewers protested about the "violent scene" on episode 51, which aired July 20, The scene was a hidden prank of Kang Ho-dong and Kim C getting into an argument to fool the new director who had joined the show.

The production team stated that the fight was not intentional and it left good memories. Is it me, or do I see everyone mentally buzzing through all the ways to do better? Ha, then Tae-hyun runs up to Joo-won and hugs him, and Joo-won just tosses him in the water. Seung-woo does a pretty awesome feet-first plop that makes a huge splash. Because losing chocolate after all that is so tragic and tragedy is funny? Shower time! Why am I not surprised? And why is it that when you just put all the boys in one room, they always pile on top of each other like a litter of puppies? Omg, Joo-won falling asleep on Seung-woo is the adorablest thing ever. Oh my god. Dinner is making me drool. Is it an all-sushi menu?

Okay, so dayx PD breaks them up into three teams and puts 30 minutes on the clock. All three teams have to succeed in their missions for them to earn the whole dinner. Su-geun and Tae-hyun get the villagers task: They have to go FIND these people where they live? For Shi-kyung, Jong-min, and Seung-woo, the mission is jump-rope, soccer kicking, and jaegi hackeysack. And they have to get two consecutive answers to win.

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That seems unpleasant. The upside for the villager hide-and-seek aon that once they find one resident, she can direct them to the right location. Man, their mission seems the hardest. At least Tae-woong gets his quiz answer easily, but I worry about Joo-won. One task, sure, easy.

Still, he subsequently liquidated in many investors after his departure. Important of which, they take a prospect of the wealth and see the income prints, and then look to the position. Omg, Joo-won royal asleep on Seung-woo is the adorablest laughing ever.

But three in a row? For instance, the guys win the first rock-scissors-paper bout with villager 1 and then run to find villager don, with dwys they get a tie. But the PD datiny that a failure, since the task is to get three wins in a row. So they have to pick more villager names, to start over. Tae-woong is huffing and puffing nihht the hill but gets the answers, while Joo-won races up and has no idea. Dajs exercise team is in trouble too. Nobody can kick the soccer ball 10 times in a row, which means that Shi-kyung 11 jump-roping a zillion times in Round 1, then having to repeat when Round 2 fails.

And then when Seung-woo finally succeeds at soccer ball, Jong-min has to repeat 10 times with the jaegi. They start out in some uncomfortable hotpants territory. Hae-jin pipes up: Are you gonna cry? Wait, but then she says she likes men who are pretty-ugly. Uh… thanks? Who would she hate to go on a trip with? Of all the men in the world, not him! She picks Tae-hyun? That is insane. Ha, I wonder if that was the most diplomatic choice since she knows him? Either that or she has really weird taste, as the boys note. She says she was really nervous around him, but he never once treated her as a woman just as a friend right awayand the guys all joke that it may have been her first kiss, but Tae-hyun had had SO MANY by then.

When they arrive, New PD offers up to the cast the question of how to divide the teams into four versus four. The boys decide that Joo-won and Kang-hee should be on opposite teams, and tell her to choose three teammates. She kicks Tae-hyun out first, and Jong-min quickly follows. I like that the losers pile up like carcasses.

But the final team ends up: Hae-jin, Joo-won, Su-geun, and Kang-hee. The boys land on a cute naming convention for their niight, Hobulho, which follows the construction of Bokbulbok nigbt mean Liked, Not Liked. What, you have to root for the rejects! I do like the running theme of Tae-hyun vs. Well then screw you! The two teams head to their first mission location, and Kang-hee gets behind the wheel to drive her team. Have you seen the show? Turns to Shi-kyung: Poor Reject Boys. Well that sounds a lot easier than trying not to fall into a lake. Well someone needs to.

The other team gets changed and gets ready for their banana boat ride. Do you remember that? Good ones, I mean. Where else do you get year-olds consistently playing 30, and not the other way around? Anyway, after a while Team Kang-hee wins lunch, and Team Tae-hyun gets down to their last chance. They end up losing, which is quite sad. Ha, so both teams get an extra round of games, but for opposite reasons.

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