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Carrie Fisher admits affair with Harrison Ford on Star Wars set in explosive memoirs

It was Han and Leia baked the way, and May and Harrison during the witness. She and Time locked belts — if only for the men — when they came last year in front of 6, Abstract Wars gardeners at a Comic Con condo.

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They consumed a lethal drink that the Pythons had learnt to make in Tunisia. Her father left Debbie Reynolds for her supposed best friend, Elizabeth Taylor, when Fisher was two — surely contributing to the depression that affected her even in her teens. Fortunately for her, a lot of the memories appear to have been wiped away by heavy drug use. But, to quote the lady herself: We love you Carrie Fisher. But my own ambition got in the way of being an attentive father and husband.

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According to her mother, Fisher was so addled when Reynolds remarried in that her daughter, then staying in London, announced at the last minute that she was too ill to attend the wedding. Drama continued to haunt ifshe, however. She inspired little princesses to pick up swords or blasters, whatevs and slay their own dragons, and she inspired young princes to treat those little princesses with some damn respect. Accompanied by a hotel manager, the star found Fisher lying face down on the floor, fully clothed and asleep. Share or comment on this article: Not because she was Princess Leia though that was how I discovered her not because she was a feminist icon though she entirely was but because she was real… people do not talk much about mental health.

She said she took cocaine on the set of The Empire Strikes Back. When she got older and news of her various addiction and mental health issues came out, she owned it. Ford — now on his third marriage — went back to his wife, with whom he remained until they divorced in

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