Enterprise vault archive explorer not updating

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ReadMeFirst for Enterprise Vault™ 5.0

Re-install Lifetime Vault. NET Regulator.

Trademarks Enterprise Vault 5. See the file Updates.

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Essential rachive that you need to know before upgrading Enterprise Vault New features and bug fixes Installation notes Prerequisite software If you use File System Archiving, Microsoft. NET Framework v1. Archive Explorer requires a minimum of Internet Explorer 5. See Installing and Configuring Exchange Server edition for details of versions. Archive Explorer If you intend to use Archive Explorer you are recommended to pilot with a small number of users to determine the performance characteristics in your environment before rolling it out to all users.

Updating Enterprise vault archive explorer not

Note the following: There is a registry value that you can use to enable Archive Explorer for individual computers, thus enabling you to test for your environment. You must convert archives that were created by an Enterprise Vault version before 4. Mailbox permissions Enterprise Vault 5. If a group with Full mailbox access or Owner permissions has access to the mailbox then, after synchronization, every member of the group will have the equivalent access to the archive. You are recommended to check that mailbox permissions are set correctly before you install Enterprise Vault 5. Issues synchronizing mailbox permissions [Ref: In the Administration Console, the permissions for the corresponding archive show that only the mailbox owner has access.

This is the equivalent of the SELF mailbox right. If, however, additional users have been granted Full Mailbox rights using the Extended Mailbox Rights tab in Active Directory Users and Computers you may see a much more extensive list because the synchronization includes other mailbox rights such as 'Enterprise Admins', 'Exchange Domain Servers', and so on. This behavior results from the way Active Directory handles permissions and is expected. Installing Outlook or Outlook [Ref ] If you install Outlook or Outlook as a prerequisite on an Enterprise Vault Administration Console computer then, before you install the Administration Console, you must start Outlook, complete its configuration, and close it.

If Outlook and Enterprise Vault are installed on the same computer running Windows Server, the following error may be displayed when Outlook is started: The add-in "C: This problem may be resolved either by: Running Detect and Repair from the Help menu. If Outlook asks if you want it to resolve this problem, click Yes. If Outlook does not offer to resolve the problem, run FixMapi. INF problems to find out what to do. Automatic compaction of collection files [Ref: These collection files are automatically compacted to recover space and to consolidate smaller collections into larger ones.

In Enterprise Vault 5. When you upgrade from Enterprise Vault 4. Additionally, compaction now requires more temporary disk space than before. This covers integrations that insert additional information, messages, or documents into Enterprise Vault. Please contact KVS for details. Note that the workaround works only for the OWA Premium client. There is still an open issue with Microsoft that may be resolved in a future Microsoft release. When you reply to or forward a shortcut in OWA, the shortcut icon in Outlook changes to be that of a normal message.

Microsoft have acknowledged that this is a problem. There is no need to do a separate installation of the User Extensions on an Enterprise Vault server. Click "OK" when finished. Run a synchronization on that user's mailbox in the VAC.

Click on the "Synchronization" tab. In the "Update details of: Put a Check Mark in all three of the exploorer for "Archiving settings", "Mailbox properties and permissions", and "Folder hierarchy and permissions". Click on the "Synchronize" button. Enter the alias for the mailbox or select "List all available mailboxes" and select the user from the list and Click "OK". Click "OK" on the message stating the mailbox was synchronized. Have one of the users who was seeing the extra vault launch Archive Explorer and verify that they can no longer see the additional vault. If the extra vault still shows, Right Click in the left hand pane of Archive Explorer and select "Refresh".

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