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I really don't know how that happens I'm often silly. I like to add in a joke right in the middle of a serious conversation. I'm a great listener. I am asked for advice quite often. Possibly because I'm not afraid to give honest answers. Take interest Since friendships in Poland are forever, you have to make sure that you take care of your friend. Polish people do not want you to be an acquaintance, who talks to them about weather or complains about a broken coffee machine.

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They Lookibg discussions, hearing mor your worldview, arguing about it and making up afterwards. Your relationships with the Polish cannot be lukewarm — if you think somebody is a keeper, meet up with them, mire their calls and surprise them with a postcard when you visit your home country. Poles do not enjoy feeling like they are forcing themselves into your life, so sometimes there is some persistence required on your side. Good luck with making new friends and keeping them! You can rest assured that having a Polish friend is one of the best experiences you can get in your life. You can share your thought on it in the comment section below.

Among them was the duo Norma John from Finland, with their friendship remaining as strong as ever today, not letting distance get the better of them.

This katodice not the end, however, as they both began teasing news of an upcoming duet, thus extending their friendship to their professional lives. With Loking scenery and ethereal vocals from the trio it left many hoping that a second song might come some time in the future. Their friendship blossomed at Eurovision with Ieva bringing her Belgian friend a present on the first day of rehearsals. She said: The next thing we see is the two of them in a warm embrace; enough to put a smile on our faces for the rest of the day.

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