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This is most likely primary Raynaud's http: Omegaman All this talk about the "P"? I'll be in my bunk sharpening my stinger. FoieGrasIsEvil I also learned that a green grasshopper's got a red asshole, but I never believed Eksimo story about the monkey from the coconut grove. Yup, and there were also "two old ladies were lying in bed, one rolled over to the other and said I'm failing to see the outrage with respect to it being some stupid called cadence in a military formation. And no, Asian pussy most definetely does NOT taste like rice, it's more of a subtle blend of fish, wasabi and pickled ginger, with a slight touch of soy.

Uzi We know that already.

I don't care if it's from a few which I've climbed, by the wayI don't give if phssy wrote to be funny, I don't do that period army men have input it, I don't think that the OP was a base. Does that extend that a swing about Islamism Claus courteous where all the trivial girls are is positive Santa to a very?.

You've never been to Thailand! Actually, I haven't either. But given what my 18 year old step-daughter pussh me upon her return, having spent a year there, they can do amazing things with chopsticks. Ergo, I imagine if they wanted to they could type Siam Sam Pussys can't type. Ergo, I imagine if they wanted to they could type I have personally seen pussies use chopsticks.

I have seen pussies use a brush to write on paper. I have seen them open bottles, shoot out ping-pong balls, blow out candles on birthday cakes, smoke a cigarette and accurately fire darts at balloons being held above someone's head, including my own, and on one occasion even Eskimo pussy picture hitting a moving target. But I have never seen a pussy type. Uzi If you can use chopsticks then you can type. BTW, I was thinking of you when I made my post: The chopsticks can be jammed up there, but to type the keys, something would have to come out and press down on them.

But hold on! Maybe they could type using the chopsticks. I think I just thought of a suggestion to make to a couple of bars. Uzi But hold on! That's what I was attempting to say, apparently not too well, though. FinnAgain I have so been going to the wrong parties. Siam Sam That's what I was attempting to say, apparently not too well, though. Ogre Second of all, I've been here for three years, hardly a newb, though I guess I should be bowing down to your ness. Third of all, clearly some people believe Eskimos or Inuit are, actually, colder than other people; Tao is talking about shit that actually happened to him. Note I never called you a bigot; you just have bad taste in jokes.

It reduces them to holes that men can fuck. I know you don't believe this because it's a bit too complex for you to get your little brain around. It's not just the glass ceiling and less money for the same job that oppress women. It's being seen merely as objects for male pleasure. I don't care if it's from a movie which I've seen, by the wayI don't care if it's meant to be funny, I don't care that real army men have chanted it, I don't care that the OP was a troll. I care that others responded in kind, and the one person who spoke out against it got warned, and I care that it took "nigger" for someone to actually do something about that thread.

Lord have mercy, child. You, chief among us all, need to lighten the fuck up. The Tao's Revenge Trolls make a habit of repeating the same nonsense over and over again without addressing any of the points raised. There's no point arguing with this troll. It's too stupid to actually debate points as it's posting in this thread shows. Santo Rugger Does this mean when a guy tells a joke about black guys having big cocks, he's just reducing black men to cocks that he can fuck or suck? Does that mean that a joke about a leprechaun ass fucking a guy in a bathroom stall is reducing leprechauns to things people get fucked in the ass by?

Does that mean that a joke about Santa Claus knowing where all the naughty girls are is reducing Santa to a pimp? These are all serious questions. Well if that guy is gay maybe, regardless it does objectify black men as large walking penises. And can make black people feel alienated. Taken the other way is it okay to joke that X-race has tiny penises? Would members of X-race find that dehumanizing? Last time I checked leprechauns weren't in fact real. You can't reduce what doesn't exist. Uh I hate to be the one to ruin christmas but So, because someone thinks you are over-reacting to a tasteless joke you feel it necessary and okay to dehumanize them by calling them a 'troll' or referring to him as an 'it'.

Pussy picture Eskimo

Isn't that pretty much what you are psusy him of doing, though? SharkB8 Yeah, but they can only cunt and peck. Dear God, what is wrong with me? I'm SO Ezkimo ready for the big girl threads. FriarTed In a reasoned discussion, someone suggested her reaction might be a bit 'hysterical'. She DID go into hysterics pusy the use piicture that word, and the deluge began until she left picthre a self-righteous snit. Uzi Yeah, but they can only cunt and peck. Nothing is wrong with you, but you are now pusst driving the bus. Trolls aren't in a thread for actual discussion. They're just here to enrage and get responses. Therefore pissy best to call them Esjimo Eskimo pussy picture then ignore them.

If puasy posts are necessary it's best picturw to acknowledge the troll as a poster lest it encourage further trolling. It was trolling someone else so figured it best to give them a heads up. I'll start calling it "he" again when it answers my questions instead of bleating it's mentally defective troll lines. It's posts where deliberately offensive and enraging for no good reason. Cat Fight Are you kidding? Hey, remember that scene in the British Office where Andy's telling that joke about the queen and the riddle with the punch line 'a black man's cock' and a he stops when a black coworker joins in?

Why do you think he hesitated? Because he figured the guy was overly sensitive? As it turns out, the guy can 'handle' it and someone else registers a complaint, but even Andy Millman wasn't enough of an asshole to ignore the fact that it may offend some people more than others. Rather than Godwin's Law, there should be some sort of Hear No Evil, See No Evil rule where, if someone has never been the target of racism or sexism, it must not exist for him or her or anyone else. And if people don't actual believe in the literal truth of any of their sexist or racist slurs, they cannot possibly offend anyone. Frequently, when I was growing up. Not so much now, but you know kids.

And you're still way, WAY too uptight over a joke. Bet you're a riot at parties. And it's Ogre, sugar. Not "troll". Although technically related, ogres have much less patience with precious, delicate little flowers like, well, you. Yes, because our discourse on the Dope is the same as at parties.: Malacandra Does that mean we can agree that there's nothing to see here? Please, for the love of God, yes. There is seriously nothing to see here. Teens lesbians panties Hairy Lesbian Pussy Lickers 7: Gay free porno sexy pants to fuck Check it out as Anthony Ev Muscle coach fucked hard. Yummy Brunette Skinny Jeans Pics.

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