Validating and updating playlists and properties ps4 bundle

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Is Rainbow Six: Siege down?

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Melee hit validation Throughout last season, we collected your feedback regarding hit validation in general and melee hit validation in particular. Many of you have experienced how it feels to flank an enemy, approach from behind, land a clear knife hit, hear the audio, but not get the kill. Bug fixes Gameplay Fixed - The gadget crosshair will persist after switching to drone toss. Fixed - It is possible to hear Mute's jammer even when standing very far away from it. Fixed - The barbwires' slow down effect is still ongoing even after the player is no longer into the barbwire's effective range, or when the barbwire is destroyed.

Fixed - Resetting animation when switching views between one player standing up and one crouch. Fixed - Rubberbanding can happen after detaching from rappelling. Fixed - After scanning enemies, the distance to them might not be shown. Fixed - A player will not take damage when spamming crouch. Fixed - Following certain steps, it's possible to have some gadgets out in a stance you normally can't. Fixed - When the player interrupts the reload animation of the LFP revolver by switching weapons, then switches back to LFP and reloads again, there will be no new rounds loaded. Fixed - Operator's body rotation is not replicated correctly when vaulting. Fixed - Operators can teleport if they remove a breaching charge while ending the rappel animation.

Fixed - The "American Anarchy" headgear's hairstyle slightly extends the hitbox upwards.

Fixed - When friendly fire is off, drones don't get destroyed by going out of bounds. Fixed - Players randomly die by falling during Multiplayer sessions. Operators Fixed - The shock battery disappears when the barbwire it is placed on is destroyed. Blitz Fixed - Blitz's first person animation is faster than third person animation when equipping his shield from the back. Doc Fixed - Stim Pistol's reticule turns blue when aiming at an attacker. Fixed - Doc is able to sprint and use his stim pistol without slowing down. Fixed - HUD will display "Kill assist" when a teammate kills a stunned player but will not count on the scoreboard.

Ela Fixed - The Grzmot mine can be deployed between wall panels causing the tip of the gadget to clip through the wall. Fixed - The laser under barrel is applied to the other side of the weapon in preview. Fuze Fixed - The character can freeze while deploying the gadget from rappelling position. Hibana Fixed - Pellets stick incorrectly in the corner of some trapdoors. Fixed - When shooting at least two times before detonating, X-Kairos do not produce any sound in third person. Lesion Fixed - The laser under barrel is applied to the other side of the weapon in preview. Tachanka Fixed - Tachanka's LMG shields are inconsistent, players can get shot through them in some instances.

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Ying Fixed - The character can freeze while deploying the gadget from rappelling position. Game modes Multiplayer Fixed - The play ranked button can be selected for a second after a user below clearance level 20 joins the squad. Fixed - In some instances, squads of two can split when matchmaking, forcing both players to play against each other. Fixed - A squad is able to join a Ranked match even if there is one squad member below level Level design All maps Fixed - When entering from rappel while breaching a window, the character animation will remain stuck looking up.

Fixed - Operators fall through the map when spawning. Fixed - Rappelling while falling will make the character fall out of the map. Fixed - Long rifle weapons can clip through walls. Fixed - Players are able to land on window sills to spawn kill. Fixed - Attackers can place a drone inside the ceiling in B Server Room allowing them to see all of the basement area. Fixed - Valkyrie can place a Black Eye inside the ceiling of B sever room. Chalet Fixed - Great room can be seen through a gap in the floor on 2F bedrooms hallway.

Fixed - Players can place drones inside the walls of Chalet from 2F office balcony.

Fixed - The red wall does not cover the full Kitchen window, which allows Echo to throw his anv outside during Preparation Phase. Fixed - Players can push teammates out or into geometry with the use of reinforcements in Buncle. Fixed - The player is stuck under the table at 1F Bar when trying to get out from under it. Fixed - When shot from the rooftop, Pe4 pellets will not stick to the destructible wall from 1F Blue Bar area. Favela Fixed - Attackers are killed if they enter rappel on the wall near to the EXT Courtyard metal platform while sliding off the platform.

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