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Seasonal energy efficiency ratio

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Maximum Cooling Capacity: This is the maximum cooling capacity. As in the example above of 1 ton, it would be 1. Maximum Power Input: This is power consumption in watts when the AC runs at the maximum tonnage that the Air Conditioner can achieve. Cooling Seasonal Energy Consumption in kWh: This is the annual power consumption as measured per BEE standards mentioned above.

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Please note, that this number is for hrs and actual number for you will depend on your usage and temperature of your city when you use the AC. This is the ratio of total heat removed and total energy consumed. This is the ideal number to compare two ACs as your usage of AC may vary and thus the electricity consumption may not be the same as the number mentioned in Cooling Seasonal Energy Consumption. Comparing the Star Ratings of ACs across segments window, split and Inverter has been the biggest source of confusion for most consumers. Unfortunately the standards that have been defined do not help remove the same.

And any inverter AC would be much better than any window AC. The new standards are voluntary till the end of Which means, manufacturers can sell AC models with or without star rating till end of As star ratings for ACs are quite popular amongst the masses, many manufacturers will try to get their models certified by BEE, but it is also possible that you may get models that are not rated. It will be beneficial for consumers if they start insisting on star rating and demanding manufacturers to sell only star rated ACs.

From the year onwards, all models of inverter ACs will have to be star rated. Manufacturers will not be able to sell non-star rated inverter ACs. Inverter ACs have raised the bar for energy efficiency of air conditioners in India and labelling will further improve the efficiency. The maximum EER decreases as the difference between the inside and outside air temperature increases, and vice versa. Please help rewrite this section from a descriptive, neutral point of viewand remove advice or instruction. October Learn how and when to remove this template message SEER rating reflects overall system efficiency on a seasonal basis and EER reflects the system's energy efficiency at one specific operating condition.

Both ratings are useful when choosing products, but the same rating must be used for comparisons. Substantial energy savings can be obtained from more efficient systems. With existing units that are still functional and well-maintained, when the time value of money is considered, retaining existing units rather than proactively replacing them may be the most cost effective.

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However, the daing of air conditioners can degrade significantly over time. For most applications, the minimum or near-minimum SEER units are most cost effective, but the longer the cooling seasons, the higher the electricity costs, and the longer the purchasers will own the systems, the more that incrementally higher SEER units are justified. The higher SEER units typically have larger coils and multiple compressors, with some also having variable refrigerant flow and variable supply air flow. Energy assessments take into account different climatic conditions in different parts of the country and are benchmarked according to average household energy consumption particular to a given climatic region.

The house energy rating does not currently include the efficiency of any appliances fitted or used within the house. There are also no physical testing requirements, so air tightness testing is not required as it is with the regulations in the UK.

Eet of the Februarythe required software used in assessment is FirstRateVersion 3. In South Australiaall new homes and alterations to existing homes are required to achieve a 6 star rating. This requirement was introduced on 1 September In Queensland it is proposed that from either 1 Januaryor when the Building Code of Australia update is released in Maythat all new homes built in Queensland will be required to achieve a 5 star energy equivalent rating. Currently the minimum requirement is 3. Software[ edit ] AccuRate screenshot demo version.

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