Evenflo elan single electric breast pump

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evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump

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Click Here to see more reviews about: The Elan Breast Pump should be wiped clean with a damp cloth after every use. I am very dissatisfied with Evenflo products and will not recommend them to anyone. The handle that comes along with the dual breast pump allows mothers to easily pump both breasts simultaneously with ease. The nipples were hard to pull through the ring and plus, the bottles leaked a little. One of the standout features on the Evenflo breast pump is the 10 adjustable speed settings.

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Likewise, the special handle that the pump is very awkward to use for some mothers. I had bought this product to save time and money instead of buying formula's but it isn't working. Many moms claim that the two part bag that holds the pump is too cumbersome to use. I have had three 3 Evenflo pumps and had to go and buy another pump tonight because the third and final one burned up. It is one of the few electric breast pumps to include everything a mother needs to store and feed the child. The Elan Breast Pump has is perfect for any mother.

Breast single pump Evenflo elan electric

I called Wal-Mart to see about exchanging it ellan was pjmp that they did not exchange breast pumps. Now the power shorts out unless I am holding the cord in exactly the right spot and although I was able to use the pump with batteries once, the second time I tried it did not work, even with brand new batteries. This second pump worked for about the same time and then just quit pumping.

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