Real conversations with my 2 year old

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Convos With My 2-Year-Old, Episode 1 (VIDEO)

And they are not sure concerned with our traders. What revealed. So will you show the materials to Coco?.

Little Kids: With some kids, this may be a mistake.

Romanowski suggests working some parent-kid time into your day, like right dith dinner. Sitting down to do a focused activity together—even just 10 minutes of colouring or a puzzle—can create that space where your kid conversatoins to feel like talking. Also, take advantage of regular moments you do conversayions together, like car rides, walking to school in the morning and bedtime for casual, low-pressure chats. This also teaches kids that everyone has good days and bad days, no matter how old you are. Bicknell finds that keeping in the loop about the curriculum and who her grade-two daughter is playing with helps her bring things up in conversation. But you are still needed for emotional support.

For example, if your kid is having an issue with a friendwe might be tempted to suggest she find someone else to hang out with. She also suggests carving out specialone-on-one time at least once a month. Playtime is always hilarious.

When my wife was pregnant with Coco, someone said having kids is great because the only way to change them is to change yourself. Now as she is growing, every day I see that clearer and clearer. I see so much of myself in her, from her smile to her sense of humor to her temper. And the worst part of having a toddler?

With my year Real old 2 conversations

Ah, yes. Coco has specific requests for how to rub her back -- a circular rub or more of a tickle of the arm. She is also very picky about what song she wants to hear. I feel like an all-request weekend radio station.

Did that tweet you deal with the more grounded moments of poser a creative. She is also very difficult about what do she wants to change.

Well, you are musicians. And they are not particularly concerned with our feelings. Toddlers are the center of witth own universe. And I guess why this concept is so ripe for comedy. So will you show the videos to Coco? Oh yeah. She loves them. She wants to watch them over and over again. Right now we're on track to make about eight. That was kind of my original vision for it. But I'm still quite open to seeing what the path holds. I think there's potential beyond that, but in what form I think still remains to be seen. None of us are interested in just repeating the same joke over and over. Honestly I'm not sure what the next episode will be yet.

We've got a couple in the works, so we're going to see how everything shapes up and what feels right. Bath time, maybe?

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